Orchard Coffee House
The new Orchard Coffee House will provide a coffee shop for the village community adjacent to the existing church facilities and the new village shop and Post Office. Orchard Coffee House is getting ready to open its doors and we are SO excited! COVID-19 has slightly delayed the progress of the build and our opening date. Check back here or follow us on Instagram @orchardcoffeehouse to keep up to date and see the latest developments. Our Vision is that we will be a Community Hub, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together. Our beautiful Orchard Area is growing well. In conjunction with the school and wider community this new orchard area was planted and provides a perfect space to come for a walk and quiet reflection. The fantastic Noah’s Arc Play Park and Toddlers Play Area will provide a great space for children to play and once open, you will be able to enjoy some delicious coffee and cake from Orchard Coffee House whilst your children play! The combination of all these wonderful new developments alongside Gorsley Baptist Church and the vital Community Shop and Post Office will evolve to create a wonderful Community Hub, bringing people together for generations to come.

Gorsley Community Orchard

Where all can enjoy this special habitat.
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Architect's Drawings