Students & Young Adults Ministry

Our young adult ministry aims to support those in their late teens and early twenties, including students and others who may be working away from home.
Sunday Pre-School


Once a month, we take a break from Life Groups and get all of our young adults together for a meal at the Church. This is on the fourth Thursday of the month and open to everyone!

Community Groups

As a Church, we encourage everyone to be part of a Life Group. There are loads to choose from depending on your location and availability, but we have a couple of groups that are specifically geared towards young adults. If you’d like to try a group with others your own age, with a focus on issues that are likely to be especially important to you, then you’d be really welcome to join us.

Special Events

From time to time, we have special events for young adults, including the odd trip away. We’ll publish details here and in the Church’s Weekly Link.
Buzz Sunday
Ben and Rachel Hall
Ben and Rachel Hall

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